Got Carpenter Bees? $35.00 off

CARPENTER BEES build nests by tunneling into wood and leave a course saw-dust like substance. The entrance is often a perfectly circular hole on the underside of a beam, tree limb, wood trim of a home or in decks.

Carpenter Bees look like Bumblebees but have less yellow. Of course you may not see that when they are flying at you.


Male Carpenter Bees are often seen hovering near nest, and will approach nearby animals. However, males are harmless since they do not have a stinger. Female Carpenter Bees are capable of stinging but they are docile and rarely sting.

AntsCentury Termite and Pest will treat each hole that the Carpenter Bee has made as well as plug each hole. Carpenter Bee’s leave a yellowish stain on your home, Century Termite and Pest can also take care of that too.

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