• “Zac Bestwick made some major structural repairs to our home caused by old termite damage. We were very pleased with the high quality of Zac’s work. He was professional, courteous and highly skilled.

    He arrived promptly and called us every day to confirm what time he was arriving. Not only did Zac listen to our concerns, but he went out of his way to keep us involved on the progress of the work by explaining what he was going to do, showing us the work as it was ongoing and taking into consideration any concerns we had. He took care to keep our house clean of debris and left it spotless at the end of each day.

    Zac has pride in his work as well as the company.

    We highly recommend Zac and Century Termite and Pest.”

    - Mr. and Mrs. J. Jacky of Alexandria, VA

  • “Thank you for sending Juan Mercado to my home today. He was very knowledgeable of my pest problems and began work immediately. When I had questions he was able to answer them in a way that I understood. I will recommend Century Termite and Pest to all my neighbors and anyone else that has pest issues.”

    - Sara Murray of Beallsville, MD

  • “This is to thank you for promptly sending someone out to help with the stinging insect problem. First the neighbor’s dog, then the yard workers and myself were stung.

    Mr. Otero not only enlightened me that these were actually yellow jackets and not little sweat bees – I did not know yellow jackets had such a small variety – but seemed knowledgeable about all these miserable little stingers and what to do about them. He sprayed well the first day under difficult conditions under a huge sprawling evergreen shrub. Then actually came back the next morning and dug a huge nest out of the ground, found the queen and explained more about these creatures. The nest itself was a sight to behold and I saved it to show next day to family. We watched eggs pushing out of their cocoons and hatching – and of course ending up with spraying and discarding the whole thing as it was rapidly deteriorating. Also, somehow, he found the queen.

    The nest was under some low hanging branches and leaf debris from years back but he was able to detect exactly where the entrance hole was, even though they were flying about, and did the job. I didn’t think many people would have done as well as he did. This turned out to be another fascinating lesson in nature thanks to Mr. Otero’s knowledge and patience with me.

    Please thank him again and thank you for sending someone like Mr. Otero.”

    - Patricia Schindler of Vienna, VA

  • “I highly recommend Century Termite & Pest Control. After I rented an older home in Annandale, I struggled mightily against huge numbers of ants in warm weather and a few mice in cold weather.

    I tried another pest control company, which had no effect on either the ants or the mice. It turned out that many of my neighbors faced the same problems. Finally, one of them recommended Century. Hiring Century was among the smartest moves I’ve ever made. Their knowledge, thoroughness and professionalism took care of my immediate problem, so I signed up for the quarterly plan to forestall any future infestation. I only wish we found Century earlier in my residency here.”

    - Carole Steele of Annandale, VA

  • “I wanted to drop you a line to let you know what great employee’s that Century Termite and Pest has.

    In November 2009, I called the office of Century Termite and Pest, very friendly person that answered phone, sent out Zac. He inspected my home and showed me my problems and explained them to me.

    In late November 2009, your service guy came out, Dun. He again explained the treatment process and processed to treat my bugs. I have Century Termite and Pest come to my home every quarter and treat my home.

    I wanted to let you know that I highly recommend Century Termite and Pest.”

    - Lewis R. Gates of Manassas, VA