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Century Termite and Pest/Home Improvement
Got Rats or Mice? $50.00 off

RATS are typically distinguished from mice by their size. Rats are various medium-sized, long tailed rodents with a typical lifespan of three years. If they can get their heads through, they can get their bodies through.

MICE are a small mammal belonging to the order of rodents. Mice can at times be harmful by damaging and eating crops and causing damage to wires and spreading diseases.

Century Termite and Pest/Home Improvement

Control Method:
The use of carefully placed rodenticide in tamper-proof bait stations is the usual plan of attack, but in some delicate situations where children and pets are concerned, other forms of treatment are used.

Exclusion is the best way to keep RATS and MICE from your residence.

Century Termite and Pest/Home ImprovementCentury Termite and Pest can perform this service the same day you call. We also remove contaminated insulation because of the excrement that rodents leave behind. We install new attic insulation after the exclusion is completed.

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