Got Mold? upto $500.00 off

Century Termite and Pest/Home ImprovementMold. It’s unsightly, smells bad—and it can be bad for your health. Mold spreads by means of microscopic spores and enters your home through open doors and windows, as well as through the air intakes of your HVAC (heating and cooling) system. Once inside, they’ll find a home in any damp place with a source of nutrients, such as paper or cardboard or worse, the insides of your walls.

1. Visual Mold Inspection: We start with a visual investigation of the attic, crawlspace, roof, HVAC system, and more for signs of discolorations, moisture intrusion, and mold.
2. Analysis: Measurements are taken to determine moisture levels throughout the property.
3. Mold Sampling: When necessary, mold sampling can be conducted for an additional fee. Tape and/or swab samples are collected from visibly affected surfaces to determine the specific mold types.
4. Air Sampling: This may be necessary if the presence of mold, allergens or toxins is suspected, but not visible.
5. Mold Remediation: we do not cover up mold, WE REMOVE IT.

Our experience is backed by over 22 years of excellent service, cost-effective solutions, honest and valued estimates and guaranteed results.

Century Termite and Pest offers the experience and knowledge to remove mold and repair the damage it can cause. Don’t wait until mold drives you out of the house—call us today!

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