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animal control
red squirrel

SQUIRRELS are always looking for food and shelter. They hunt for nuts, vegetation, seeds, etc.. They will make their homes in attics as well as trees. Their teeth continuously grow. Therefore, they continuously chew. Sometimes when they nest in attics they will chew wires that can cause thousands of dollars of damage and/or fire.

RACCOONS are usually nocturnal but sometimes active in daylight to take advantage of available food sources. They eat fruits, nuts, worms and human garbage. They are very adaptable mammals that can carry rabies. A lethal disease transmitted by bites. They can make their homes in hollow trees as well as our attics. They will leave excrement in the attic insulation that can cause odor.


BIRDS are feathered, winged, bipedal, egg laying vertebrate animals. There are around 10,000 living species. They can make their nests in trees, gutters, attics, dryer vents or microwave vents.

Line of Ants pest control services

Century Termite and Pest will treat your home for wildlife such as Squirrels, Raccoons and Birds by removing the nesting material and treating for parasites that are associated with wildlife. We also remove and install new insulation to rid your attic of the excrement that wildlife leaves behind.

It’s a DIRTY job but someone has to do it.

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