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MAN VS WILD: ANTS like all insects have six legs and can run very fast. If a man could run as fast as an ANT, he could run as fast as a race horse.

Like termites, ants have a Queen that they all protect and feed. The worker ant’s average life span is 40-60 days. BUT the Queen delivers daily. So getting rid of the ants can be daunting.

Ants leave a pheromone in their trail so other ants can follow. So when ants arrive at your home or office they leave a trail for their fellow colonist to follow.

Control Method:
First and foremost is identification, as one treatment does not take care of all ant species. A combination of low odor liquid (non-repellant) and baits are placed into cracks and crevices in and around the home. The beauty of non-repellants is that the ants do not detect it and take it back to the test, to create a “domino effect”. Locating the nest is always recommended.

Line of Ants pest control services

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