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Stink Bugs

It seems almost overnight, homes throughout the Mid-Atlantic region have been invaded by legions of dime-sized beetles with brown, spotted backs and shaped like tiny shields. This is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug — an invasive visitor from the Far East.

The name STINK BUG derives from their tendency to eject a foul-smelling glandular substance when disturbed. The glands are arrayed along their thorax between the first and second pair of legs. This is why they say “don’t touch their legs”. The liquid is used defensively.

Stink Bugs are not known to bite humans — but caution is advised.

Control Method

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Century Termite and Pest directly treats areas of harborage with repellant chemicals on the exterior. Mechanical treatments, as well as sealing the points of entry with caulk and foam, are also important factors.

Century Termite and Pest can successfully treat your property for stink bugs – the warmer days are upon us and you don’t want to be over-run with stink bugs.

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