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Pest Control

Century Termite and Pest/Home Improvement’s trained employees assess the needs and risks for pest control by following the best practices of Integrated Pest Management.

A thorough inspection of the building or home, making certain that the commercial building or home is in good physical condition and properly screened and sealed.

Century Termite inspectors are given regular training and have to pass an annual certification exam given by the state.

Accurate identification of any evidence of pests is the first step in Integrated Pest Management. We explain the process for controlling and eliminating pests. Including how to go about reducing the risk factors associated with pests that can carry viruses or promote other unsanitary conditions in the home.

This consists of either physical barriers or chemical treatments. Century Termite follows strict guidelines in the application of pesticides.

Recommended practices as keeping the premises free of debris (such as boxes, papers, clothing, scrap and lumber) are part of the record and will be checked on every visit when our customer has an annual service plan.

Mechanical Measures
Preventing access to the premises is key to the prevention of the return of pests, whether they have wings, dig tunnels or come through cracks around windows and doors.

Pesticide Application
Century Termite’s certified technicians will apply only apply as much pesticide as is necessary to get the job done. The process of Inspection, Identification, and assessing any need Mechanical Measures (such as physical barriers) is key to assessing how much of any pesticide is required to get the job done.

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