The information on this page MUST be filled out correctly with all parties emails and phone numbers.

Century Termite and Pest offers each homes new owner a valued Warranty. In order to offer this we simply must have all of there contact information.

Century Termite and Pest will be sending a confirmation email to all parties involved. If this information can not be verified the “Special $25” Inspection fee will defaulted to the original price of $50.

Termite Inspections are contingent on the following information being verified:

  • Sellers Name, Phone and Email Address
  • Purchaser Name, Phone and Email Address
  • Selling Agent Name, Phone and Email Address
  • Purchasing Agent Name, Phone and Email Address

*Emergency Inspection Also available

Inspection Info: *Prices adjusted due to Coivd-19 crisis.

Settlement Info:

Send Settlement Papers To:


Special Instructions:

*$2.85 fuel surcharge for all inspections. Last minute fees apply to any services scheduled within 48 hours of appointment.

( * ) Fields are Mandatory

It is understood that the agent placing this order is ultimately responsible for ensuring that all fees are collected at settlement or if settlement doesn’t occur the person placing this order will help to resolve any and all outstanding balances.