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Got Roaches? $35.00 off

ROACHES can live without a head for a few weeks. They have small tube like valves throughout their body to breathe. But will die because they have no way of eating.

Female roaches can lay 300-400 eggs in a life span. Life span is usually one year. It takes a roach three months to reach adulthood.


Control Method:
Today, treatments are easier than before as we do not need to remove items from kitchen cabinets. New bait formulations are here to stay. These can also be used in combination with liquid non-repellants that are applied into harborage areas and cracks/crevices in the kitchen and bathrooms. The use of traps is recommended to monitor activity levels from treatment to treatment. Roaches should be treated on a monthly basis.


Century Termite and Pest/Home ImprovementCentury Termite and Pest has been eradicating roaches in this area since 1993. We offer monthly and quarterly services.

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